My good friend Jarek made a Liquor Board for the kitchen wall to store the 43 booze! Since our kitchen is a bit dark I thought it would be an awesome idea to pimp it with controlable LED’s.

Stuff you need

  • Liquid Board (DUH!)
  • ESP32 Development Board
  • ws2812b LED’s 5 meter 60 leds a meter
  • 12A Power supply for the ESP32 Development board and the ws2812b LED strip
  • WLED

Project costs and where to buy

Description Price Link Comments
Liquid Board Free N/A In my case for free, but don’t know if Jarek takes orders! ;) Coming back to that!
ws2812B controlable LED’s 15,29 EUR Ali Express - BTF Lightning - WS2812B  
12A Power Supply 19,88 EUR Ali Express - BTF Lightning - 12 PSU  
ESP32 Development Board 2,84 EUR Ali Express - First hit on search WLED is capable of installing the software easy, for my experience, on every ESP32 board. For this project I’ve used the … euh … don’t have a clue at the moment…. Will come back to that, they didn’t printed it on the board, lazy slackers

NOTE: This project is done with a voltage level that let your hair stand straight up and your heart stop beating if you’re doing it wrong! If you’re not sure on what you doing please get advise / help from someone who knows!!

NOTE2: Prices are based on the moment of writing, Ali Express doesn’t have really steady prices, so please don’t blame me when you need to pay more. Thanks!